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Vlastimil Podracký: Timeless humanism / PDF (2. vyd.)

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Conservative conception of a crisis

Based on the second revised Czech edition

Vlastimil Podracký (*1940), author, publicist, and political analyst wrote apart from his fiction works: No Thanks to Heroes, Yellow Danger, The Last Man, Dark Chamber, and Sodom and Gomorrah, wrote also political essays: Careful, Tunnel, Civic revival, and Return Home. Political essays are led by conservative ideas for solution of negative phenomenons within current European civilization. 

In the difference from other similar publications, he does not criticize the present status quo but searches for root causes and proposes solutions. In his new philosophical-political analysis he stems from the idea that due to human influence the world changed so profoundly that old social theories are no longer valid; and that it is desirable to take up a position called timeless humanism, which is the only way which leads mankind to a permanently sustainable and reproducible society.

The theory of timeless humanism is a result of conservative method which originates from appreciation of fundamental change in directing of processes on the Planet including human activities. Mankind took over controls of biological processes from nature on the entire Planet and people began influencing their own fate with far reaching consequences for their own future. People do not act well; they endanger themselves and the whole biosphere. Change of paradigm is so profound and concerns the very essence of the world that old ideological systems are no longer valid as whole, and new are then only conformal and reduced. Old way of thinking originating from Kant’s statement that purpose of a man is man himself which in its extreme form results in current selfishness and mutual disjunction of people from each other and from natural principles and objects. It is necessary for humans to become purpose together with others. The others mean including other people and also other living creatures on the planet. At the same time, they all together serve timeless purpose and have timeless mission in perfecting the world. Human remains a subject which controls the world and for this, new appurtenance with other people and natural objects.

Second English edition was published on May 2014, E-book, PDF, 203 pages

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